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  • Home Birth Midwifery Care (including Water Birth

  • Monitrice Service - in-home concierge medical care & labor support

  • Birth Doula Support (home or hospital births)

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Reiki (energy work)

  • Life Coaching

  • Private Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga

  • Private Birth Classes

Inclusivity Statement


Race: Health disparities due to race are a true problem in our country. The maternal and neonatal mortality rates are staggering. It is my intention to help correct these issues by providing access to culturally appropriate care for all people. I will give discounts/scholarships to people of color who qualify for assistance. I will do my part to support midwives and doulas of color in their education and practices and refer to them as appropriate. I support professional organizations that uplift black and indigenous midwives and work to end racial health disparities for people of color. 


LGBTQIA++ : It is my intention to provide sensitive support to all types of families and individuals. I identify as queer and am an advocate for transgender youth. I aspire to serve my queer and trans community in their reproductive and gynecological health. I am also available for supporting surrogate births, adoptions (as emotional support), and fertility and conception counseling and support. There are many ways to make a family!


Unique families: I have worked with married and unmarried couples, single parents by choice or circumstance, families with multiple committed partners/spouses as well as polyamorous couples. I am inclusive of all family members and fellow parents that you choose to involve in your care.


I am always learning how to provide sensitive care. Please let me know how I can best serve you and your family with correct pronouns and titles!

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