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  • Birth YOUR way in the comfort of your own home.

  • Birth with a provider of your choosing who knows you and whom you trust.

  • Emphasis on minimal interference during the labor process.

  • Have the option to labor and BIRTH in the water (Water Birth is not available in the hospital).


My personal philosophy on birth is that the best outcomes for clients come from a balance of diligent preparation and intention setting along with a willingness to remain open to what arises in the labor and birth. As your midwife, I have a deep capacity to trust in your body, in the mystery of birth and hold energetic space for the birth to unfold organically with as minimal interference as possible. That being said, my job is to insure the safety and wellness of birthing parent and baby which involves careful observation and assessments. I am trained in normal birth and knowing when birth has deviated from that norm and needs extra support. I feel that my extensive wide range of experience in supporting every type of experience from hands-off home births to high-risk hospital births gives me a middle of the road perspective. I use holistic and common sense methods whenever possible to help prevent problems before they arise. And when birth deviates from what is safe and normal I am not afraid to intervene or refer for more support.

I work to collaborate with my clients in empowering them to take an active part in creating their own health, wellness, and birth. I will provide information, education, and suggestions towards these wellness goals including nutritional counseling, holistic health remedies, lifestyle coaching, as well as referrals to childbirth education and complementary health practitioners (such as chiropractors and acupuncturists) as needed. My ideal clients are excited about taking excellent care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally throughout pregnancy and are happy to receive support and guidance about how to optimize outcomes. I am here as a guide and support but I cannot do it for you. Having a home birth requires diligence in terms of optimizing health and wellness and preparing for coping with labor both physically, mentally and emotionally. I expect my clients to do their best to optimize their own experience (with my support and guidance as an aide.)


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